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The benefits of using a design-build contractor

Posted 19 September 2013 by Team Hudson

When it’s time to move forward with a home remodeling project, there is a lot to consider. Homeowners typically have a pretty good vision for how the finished product should look so it’s important to make sure the right construction professionals are chosen early on in the process.

Hudson Remodeling is a design-build contractor in Whatcom County, which means that we can handle the entire project from start to finish so homeowners don’t have to hire multiple firms and juggle communication between them.

There are many benefits to hiring a design-build contractor for remodeling projects. The main benefit is that the design-build contractor is part of the process from beginning to end so they understand exactly what clients want and then use their craftsmanship skills to build it.

Another benefit to choosing a design-build firm is that the person who designs the project also is accountable for accurately measuring, ordering materials, overseeing product installation and staying on budget. This reduces the opportunity for errors which can lead to extra expense.

When working with a design-build firm, preliminary conversations will involve listening to the vision for the remodeling project and exploring the possibilities, and challenges, that may be faced along the way. This allows the builder and homeowner to design plans that meet their needs and work within their budget.

With all the details in place, the next step is construction. Because the design-build contractor and homeowner have worked closely during the design process, they know what to expect during the building phase.

By choosing Hudson Remodeling for your next residential renovation project, you can feel confident that we will understand your needs and be accountable for your project, from start to finish.