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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2015

Posted 22 July 2014 by Team Hudson

According to a recent HGTV article, kitchens aren’t just for cooking anymore. They have become a useful space where people gather and connect while meals are prepared and shared.

Because the kitchen is a room homeowners spend so much time in, they want to enjoy how it looks and makes them feel more than ever – kitchen remodeling trends are leaning towards creating more aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Hudson RemodelingArtistic accents strategically placed around a kitchen can easily show off a homeowners’ unique tastes. Design elements such as pendant lights with a pop of color or a custom concrete countertops add a lot of personality.

Range hoods are even being designed in sleek and modern ways so they can be used to add flair to the room. Who knew something as simple as a range hood could be such a focal point and conversation piece!

As mentioned in the HGTV article, we also have also noticed a move away from the sharp edges of kitchen appliances and counter tops, and instead a move toward rounder, softer edges.

This change reflects the desire of homeowners to have their kitchens feel inviting, rather than simply being a utilitarian space. The curves bring a flow to the workspace, which is perfect in a space like the kitchen where movement and working around others is often necessary.

Hudson Remodeling in BellinghamColors people are choosing to use in their kitchens are also anticipated to change in the coming months. Bright yellows and burnt oranges are being pushed aside to make room for cooler and more neutral colors, as you can see from this Elle Décor article. Rather than choosing colors that make a statement, homeowners are looking for colors that bring the space together to make it cozier.

At Hudson Remodeling, love working with homeowners to design and build their dream kitchen. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some of our favorite kitchen remodeling projects completed around Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County. Maybe you’ll even find some inspiration for your own kitchen renovation project – now is a great time to start planning for 2015!

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