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Remodeling a small bathroom for barrier-free bathing

Posted 25 November 2014 by Team Hudson

Hudson RemodelingBeing able to remain independent and live at home can be a strong part of one’s identity – independence is an important goal for many senior citizens and their loved ones. Aging-in-place is becoming more and more important, especially as the Baby Boomer generation moves through life and looks for ways to maintain their current lifestyle.

In most cases, living safely at home during the aging process means some remodeling work will need to happen, such as making a bathroom more accessible and safe. A licensed general contractor like Hudson Remodeling can help homeowners reach their goal of aging-in-place.

Retrofitting a bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge and expensive endeavor. Sometimes choosing to remodel a smaller bathroom (as featured in this article) in the home can be a more cost effective plan than paying to remodel an entire master suite.

Best Bath Systems, a company Hudson Remodeling has partnered with in 2014, has a wide array of bathtubs and shower units that are ideal for retrofitting even the smallest of bathrooms. Their professional grade units are all made in American and they offer features like strategically placed grab bars and a built-in shower seat that can make the task of bathing much easier.

Hudson RemodelingBest Bath shower units are designed to have a low threshold – this makes getting in and out of the shower much easier. The addition of overhead shower heads and flexible shower wants, allow for users to adjust the height to their specifics needs. Those features actually work well for all ages and abilities – from grandkids to adults with temporary injuries to senior citizens.

Maybe you’ve heard this quote: “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.” Making small adjustments to a home now, before there is an immediate need, can pave the way to safer living at home in the future.

If you or a loved one are considering how to maintain independence at home during the aging process, and would like to discuss how to make bathing areas safer, contact Hudson Remodeling. We can talk about barrier-free bathing options and design a home improvement plan that is just right for your Whatcom or Skagit County home.