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Feature Project: Water damage repair at Bellingham condo

Posted 23 March 2016 by Team Hudson


Water leaks can cause minor and even major damage to the interior and exterior of residential properties. Damage can range from unsightly stains on ceilings and walls to significant structural problems like shifting foundations.

Some residential water damage repairs are fairly easy to manage—like fixing caulking and painting around windows. Other repairs are best left to experts—like siding and window replacement, roofing repairs, and structural repairs…especially if the damage is extensive.

Hudson Remodeling recently completed a water damage repair project at Olympic Condominiums in Bellingham, WA, shown in the photo below.

Photo Sep 03, 2 46 36 PM (1)

The condo complex is a prominent building sitting on a main arterial roadway in Downtown Bellingham. Because of its visibility, the condo owners wanted to make sure to maintain the architectural “pizzazz” of the property while we worked to repair water damage.

To help in that area, Hudson Remodeling partnered with Zervas Architects during the design phase. Together we helped our clients and the Whatcom County architectural firm manage the design review process and obtain necessary City of Bellingham building permits.

Then our team of local remodeling pros got started! We removed old entry column supports that had rotted from an old awning system, reframed them and rebuilt the portico in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Sager’s Stucco and Plastering was brought in to repair stucco siding on the building—they did a great job!

A new entry skylight, from Brad Anderson of Crystalite Skylight Company, was added to make the condo entrance much brighter and inviting. See photo below.


The owners of Olympic Condominiums couldn’t have been happier with the end result–and that makes us happy! Here’s what they said about working with Hudson Remodeling:

Olympic Condo testimonial. FB

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