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2022 remodeling trends based on the new ways we’re living

Let’s face it. We live differently now. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many adjustments to how we live and work. Many of these changes have been needed temporarily, and many are the result of shifts in thinking that perhaps there’s a better way to do some things. 

Here are four home remodeling trends we can expect to see in 2022 based on changes we’ve made and seen in the past two years. 

ADU interior

Home office upgrades: 

Home office improvements, to nobody’s surprise, are poised to be a major home remodeling trend in 2022. Few changes during the pandemic have been greater than the shift to remote employment. 

More people are working from home than ever, and those people need a home office in which to do so.  

On the way out: In a related trend, according to Apartment Therapy, open-concept homes are on the way out in 2022 — and not just that, but tiny offices are out, too, in favor of larger, dedicated office spaces. 

Multifunctional spaces: 

Another home remodeling trend related to the pandemic, according to The Spruce, is the rise of rooms that serve many purposes

Simply put, all this time at home during the past two years has helped people realize what their homes are great at — and where improvements could transform a home into something more useful and delightful. Whereas a home office is more of a need, multifunctional spaces can give homeowners a place they truly enjoy being. For example, why not turn that bright sunroom into a space that can easily be converted into an exercise room and/or entertaining space? Or how about a kitchen with a bar or island for eating, entertaining and remote learning — perhaps even with a central charging station built in? 

Support for aging at home: 

2021 Houzz survey focused on bathroom remodeling revealed that more than one in four homeowners need a bathroom that can accommodate older family members, and almost two in five say they’ll need that eventually. 

That fits with recent findings that 26% of Americans live in a household with at least three generations — nearly four times as many as a decade ago, when the number was just 7%. 

Multigenerational housing is on the rise, and we can expect home remodeling choices in 2022 to reflect an increased need for aging in place

Outdoor living spaces: 

Even in the oft-rainy Pacific Northwest, people have been asking for extensions to their outdoor living spaces. Perhaps that’s a desire born from the pandemic’s call for social distancing, or perhaps it’s a reaction to spending more time at home. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that Whatcom County is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Outdoor relaxing and entertaining spaces can connect with the beauty of nature while also being fully covered — and even partially enclosed — to provide shelter from fall winds and winter rains. 

Here at Hudson Remodeling, our Whatcom construction team has the expertise and experience to help homeowners with any of these projects and many more. If you’d like to talk over your ideas for upgrading your home in 2022, just give us a call