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Hudson’s home remodeling process: What can I expect?

Blue cabinets and brick walls in a remodeled kitchen.

Our goal at Hudson Remodeling is to make the home renovation process as simple and enjoyable as possible for our clients. To that end, we have developed this seven-step guide to help you know exactly what to expect when considering Hudson for your home remodeling project.

1. Initial conversation. Email or call our office to discuss the scope of your remodeling project. Because Hudson Remodeling is a small company, we cannot take on every renovation or building project. We’ll discuss the type of work you need and whether it’s a good fit for our talents and abilities. For example: If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen by painting your cabinets and getting new countertops, then it may be better for you to reach out to subcontractors (painters, countertop companies, etc.) yourself. However, if you are planning to completely gut and rearrange your kitchen — which would involve a lot of planning, engineering and coordinating with subcontractors — then we are probably a great match.

A newly remodeled kitchen with dark wood cabinets, grey marble countertops and classical Craftsman molding throughout..

2. In-person appointment. If Hudson seems like a good match based on the work you need, we will visit the project site for a meeting. From when you first call Hudson, it will be about two to three months before this appointment happens. Our experienced remodeling team will take photos and measurements of the spaces you want to remodel, and we’ll chat about the specifics of your plans and discuss details to help you craft the final design. The estimates provided in Step 3 will be based on what is learned during this meeting.

3. Receiving your estimate. Two weeks to a month after the walkthrough, you will receive a formal estimate with breakdowns of the preliminary costs of your renovation. If you have certain items you want in your new space (a specific stove, for example, or certain shower tile) we will include accurate costs for those items. Otherwise, we’ll include an allowance based on typical costs.

If you’re happy with the estimate, great! We’ll send you a contract for the work. If you want to adjust the budget first, that’s perfectly fine, too. To cut costs, you might consider choosing less expensive finishes or removing portions of the project.

4. Contract and deposit. When you’re pleased with the estimate, you’ll sign a contract and put down a deposit to reserve your space on the work schedule. The deposit amount is typically $2,500 plus tax, though this amount may vary depending on the project and whether certain specialty items (such as windows and doors) need to be purchased in advance. The contract will include a payment plan based on the total project cost.

Exterior home remodeling plans from Hudson Remodeling.

5. Scheduling. Once the contract has been signed and deposit paid, Hudson will work with you to develop a schedule and timeline. A specific start date will be provided as the project nears, and you will be apprised of any necessary schedule changes along the way.

6. Project prep and the selection of products and finishes. While you are waiting for construction to begin, there is plenty of work to do.

For example, you will need to select specific fixtures and finishes, such as tile, faucets and flooring. Hudson’s team will provide a shopping list to help you select the necessary products and materials. If you’re not sure what to choose, we would be happy to help based on our experiences with specific products ordered for other homeowners.

Other questions need to be answered during this time as well. Will you be living on the property during construction? If not, where? Do you have specific vendors you want to use, or would you like us to choose?

7. Construction begins. You’ll know at least a month in advance when Hudson’s team will show up to begin the work. Your renovated space is on the way!