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How to add a home office

Have you been working from home more lately? If so, you’re not alone. Throughout Whatcom County, many people are pulling out their laptops and setting them up at the dining room table or even a fold-out ironing board for a hard day’s work. But why settle for a temporary and uncomfortable home office? Methods abound for crafting a home office out of your existing space.

From a recent project: What once was an awkward room off of the master bedroom is now a fully functional home office, with beautiful natural light and plenty of space for a computer desk and additional furniture.

Use a spare bedroom. If you don’t mind losing the guest space, converting a spare bedroom into a home office can be a great choice. Slide a desk into the room for a simple conversion or hire a contractor for more extensive work, such as moving doors and windows to create the best possible environment. Look at the space and use your imagination!

Convert a closet. Not ready to devote an entire bedroom to a home office? Start with a closet. Hallway closets, though a tad cramped, can work well as home offices. The walk-in closet in your master or spare bedroom could offer even more room.

Build a work zone in the kitchen. Many kitchens are designed around an island or peninsula that offers working space for the kids to complete their homework. These spaces might also work as temporary home office space. For a more permanent solution, a corner of the kitchen can be retrofitted to provide office space. For example, remove an appliance garage and replace it with a hideaway desk, or install a pull-out desktop and chair that can be tucked into a pantry cabinet.

Utilize part of the dining room. Add a roll-top desk, for a quick solution, or consider expanding a coat closet or adding walls for a complete re-visioning of the space.

Convert part of the garage. Garages usually are wide-open spaces that offer exciting potential. Put up walls in the back corner of a two-car garage to create a tidy and private office. If your garage has loft space above, that also could be prime space for a home office. Many garages are not insulated, but you can choose to add insulation to the entire space or just to your new office area.

Convert an existing shed (or build a new one). It’s not uncommon in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County for people to convert outdoor sheds into art space. With relative ease, the same could be done for a home office, resulting in a private work retreat that’s close enough to the main house to provide easy access to coffee and a bathroom.

Whatever your solution to the home office problem, Hudson Remodeling is here to help. Reach out via email or phone to chat about potential solutions.