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Increase your curb appeal through construction

Increasing the level of landscaping around a home has long been a well-known tactic for improving curb appeal, and today it remains as important as ever. 

However, here in Whatcom County in the Pacific Northwest, vegetation doesn’t have nearly as much impact in the fall and winter months, as trees become barren and plants die back due to the cold. 

This is where exterior renovation can make an enormous difference in improving a home’s curb appeal. High-impact ideas include installing new siding, building a strategic bump-out, replacing worn windows, adding a roof dormer, building (or enclosing) a porch, and adding a patio or pergola. Let’s look at a few of these in more detail. 

Bump out a wall section: A strategic bump out could add an eating area to your kitchen, a stand-alone shower to your bathroom, a reading nook or home office to the living room, a powder room to a hallway or walk-in closet to a bedroom, among other things. But there’s more! By breaking up long stretches of flat wall, bump outs create visual interest on the home’s exterior, boosting curb appeal. 

Replace old windows: This Hudson Remodeling whole-house project in Bellingham gained a completely different look via the replacement of windows along the front. The interior gained quite a bit more natural light, and the exterior benefited from a more modern look. 

Fix up the porch: This month at Hudson Remodeling, we’ve been working on a project that includes modifying a home’s front porch to widen the entry steps, with the result being a more welcoming invitation to the home. And one project we just completed had our remodeling crews remove old, uneven entry pavers and replace them with poured concrete steps. Keeping maintenance and improvements up to date can help ensure a home’s entryway looks inviting and well cared for (while also improving safety). 

Add a patio: A new patio like this one in Ferndale could help you enjoy the sun of summer and extend outdoor living well into autumn while also sprucing up the look and feel of the outside of your home. Yes, we do get rain from time to time in the Pacific Northwest, but that’s no reason not to enjoy outdoor living space. 

If you think your home could use an exterior pick-me-up and aren’t sure how to do it, or if you have ideas for gracing your front walk with a façade worthy of a double take, give Hudson Remodeling a call. Our design-build experts work through throughout Whatcom County to give homeowners houses they love.