Selecting a Contractor

Your home is most likely your single greatest asset and protecting that asset should be a high priority. Carefully selecting a remodeler is an important decision. A quality home improvement requires the right contractor who can achieve the desired results for your project. An experienced general contractor can handle the complexities of your remodel; making your selection should be based on overall value.

These are the credentials of a professional and qualified remodeling contractor:

  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Registered in the state
  • Years of experience
  • Business longevity and stability
  • Completed similar jobs
  • Solid reputation in the community
  • Provides written agreements
  • Provides detailed scope of work and pricing
  • Provides references of previous work
  • Continues their education by participating in local and national remodeling industry groups, such as the National Home Association of Builders
  • Communicates well

We take pride in meeting the above credentials and of our master craftsmanship and professional standing.  Hudson Remodeling adheres to the code of ethics for our industry and its standards of excellence. We are happy to provide references and encourage you to check those references to learn about the quality of the work we deliver.

Dear Charlie and the gang,

We want to say again how much we
appreciated your work on our home. The craftsmanship was superb, the crew was enjoyable to have around, the work was done quickly, and in all we are so very pleased. Your commitment to excellence in restoration while keeping costs reasonable was commendable. Thank you very much!

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Process Chart

Process Chart