Why Design Build?

Design Build is a unique process that integrates high-quality, professional design with high-quality, professional construction.

Design Build brings the best of both worlds into one unified process that allows you to incorporate your personal unique and distinctive style into your remodeling project and have it built to your specifications. It’s a seamless transition from the design phase to the construction phase. The process involves the services of a designer/architect that we employ along with our quality construction. Aligning these two talents into a remodel satisfies both the aesthetic and the budgetary concerns you may have. The results are beautiful home construction that makes a statement and fits the overall look of the home.

The benefits are:

  • Attractive one-stop service means a higher level of responsibility and accountability by the remodeler
  • The scope of the project is created with your budget in mind
  • Both client and remodeler have clear understanding of the project
  • No surprises for you or the remodeler as the project is being constructed as it was designed
  • Simplifies and improves communication
  • Step by step system builds your relationship with the remodeler as the project flows and allows you the flexibility to make decisions along the way with the finer details
  • The streamlined process moves the project along and is completed more rapidly

Dear Charlie and the gang,

We want to say again how much we
appreciated your work on our home. The craftsmanship was superb, the crew was enjoyable to have around, the work was done quickly, and in all we are so very pleased. Your commitment to excellence in restoration while keeping costs reasonable was commendable. Thank you very much!

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Process Chart

Process Chart