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Feature Project: Exterior remodeling adds curb appeal to Whatcom County home

Posted 31 May 2016 by Team Hudson

Stand on the sidewalk or street in front of your home. Do you like what you see? Do you feel that your home has great curb appeal? If not, it’s probably time to consider remodeling the exterior.


Boosting your home’s visual appeal can increase its value, plus it can greatly increase your sense of pride in homeownership—this was the case with a recent project our construction team completed.

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P1060464Our Whatcom County clients came to us with a vision of modernizing their home’s entry and improving the overall curb appeal. The project also included new siding and upgraded windows, a new front door, stone columns, new stairs, and plenty of decorative cedar finishes.

After demolition and removal of an old concrete patio, siding, doors, windows and a dilapidated gazebo, our remodeling crews began putting everything back together in a new, fresh way.

Exterior renovations can make your home look completely different or they can simply freshen the look.

An updated front door with sidelights was installed and broom finished concrete stairs were added to create a new entry that has safe and sturdy (image below).

Once the concrete was set, a covered porch roof was built using stone accents on the columns, Douglas Fir posts and exposed beams. The end result is beautifully rustic.

Next came the addition of Hardie siding and shingles along with updated trim around all the windows and doors (painting to be completed by homeowner).


If you are ready to ramp up your home’s curb appeal, please hire a licensed and experienced remodeling contractor like Hudson Remodeling. We’ll make sure the job is completed safely, on time and to a high set of standards.

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Feature project: Structure remodel of a home addition

Posted 25 April 2016 by Team Hudson

Photo Feb 16, 3 32 07 PM

What would you do if your sunroom roof was sagging and you were afraid to spend time in the space? What if you thought there were structural problems that may cause part of your house to fall in during a Whatcom County windstorm?

That was the case with one of Hudson Remodeling’s recent clients–homeowners who lived in the North Bellingham/Ferndale, WA area.

The homeowners were afraid to use the hot tub inside their sunroom because they knew there were roof issues that were causing safety concerns.

Hudson Remodeling came on board to work with the clients to renovate their sunroom addition, making it safe and usable for years to come.

The project included re-using existing windows and eight skylights (as a cost-saving measure). What is cool about this project was that the exterior walls were not altered in any way, but the entire roof was removed and the room was re-built from the inside.


To better support the structure a new ridge beam was installed and framing was upgraded from 2” x 6” construction to 2” x 12” construction so R30 insulation could be added to the sunroom. Larger rafters allow better air flow (important when a hot tub is in the room) and insulation in the ceiling means the space can be more efficiently heated.

Photo Feb 16, 3 30 40 PM

After the ridge beam was added, both end walls were rebuilt to better support the improved roof. Interior walls were sheet rocked and painted—the ceiling was finished with 1” x 6” pine tongue and groove boards.

Nolan’s Roofing, a Whatcom County roofing company, was a great resource on this job. They helped with roof demolition then came back a couple days later to shingle the new roof. Scheduling was important on this job as construction crews were working outside in the month of February—the roof had to be put on quickly to avoid rain from getting in.

This project went very smooth despite its complexity and winter working conditions. The finished result is a safe and energy efficient sunroom that the homeowners can use year round.

If your Bellingham, Lynden or Ferndale, WA home needs structural repairs contact Hudson Remodeling—we specialize in remodeling older homes to increase function, flow and safety.

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Feature Project: Water damage repair at Bellingham condo

Posted 23 March 2016 by Team Hudson


Water leaks can cause minor and even major damage to the interior and exterior of residential properties. Damage can range from unsightly stains on ceilings and walls to significant structural problems like shifting foundations.

Some residential water damage repairs are fairly easy to manage—like fixing caulking and painting around windows. Other repairs are best left to experts—like siding and window replacement, roofing repairs, and structural repairs…especially if the damage is extensive.

Hudson Remodeling recently completed a water damage repair project at Olympic Condominiums in Bellingham, WA, shown in the photo below.

Photo Sep 03, 2 46 36 PM (1)

The condo complex is a prominent building sitting on a main arterial roadway in Downtown Bellingham. Because of its visibility, the condo owners wanted to make sure to maintain the architectural “pizzazz” of the property while we worked to repair water damage.

To help in that area, Hudson Remodeling partnered with Zervas Architects during the design phase. Together we helped our clients and the Whatcom County architectural firm manage the design review process and obtain necessary City of Bellingham building permits.

Then our team of local remodeling pros got started! We removed old entry column supports that had rotted from an old awning system, reframed them and rebuilt the portico in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Sager’s Stucco and Plastering was brought in to repair stucco siding on the building—they did a great job!

A new entry skylight, from Brad Anderson of Crystalite Skylight Company, was added to make the condo entrance much brighter and inviting. See photo below.


The owners of Olympic Condominiums couldn’t have been happier with the end result–and that makes us happy! Here’s what they said about working with Hudson Remodeling:

Olympic Condo testimonial. FB

Contact Hudson Remodeling for water damage repairs to your private residence, multi-family property or condominium complex.

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Feature Project: Bellingham investment property remodel

Posted 21 December 2015 by Team Hudson

Hudson Remodeling recently completed an income property renovation located on South Hill, (Garden Street) in Bellingham, WA. The renovation involved updating one of four units in the building.

Kitchen beforeThe property owner is currently renting out the unit with the intent of moving in herself down the road—she used quality products that will last and be appreciated in future years.

It’s true that kitchens and bathrooms are high-use areas in any home—our client wanted to make improvements that added visual appeal while also maximizing the space for efficiency and comfort.

In the “Before” picture, you will see how the kitchen needed updating—lack of storage was an issue; the space was also narrow and dark.

Kitchen afterOur crew gutted the existing area by removing the three full walls and converting them to half-walls. The “After” photo shows how the space is more open—remodeling the kitchen created a cleaner view into the den and opened up a territorial water view.

In addition to knocking down walls, we installed custom cabinets on both lower and upper units using beautiful quarter sawn white oak that matched existing wood throughout the home. Our remodeling team also removed soffits to allow more cabinet space—cabinets now extend all the way to the ceiling. The kitchen is now brighter, modern and more functional than before.

Upgrades to the electrical system and adding recessed lights helped modernize the home. Other updates included changes to plumbing and finishing countertops with a trendy laminate surface. In case you haven’t heard, laminate is back and our customers are loving it—it’s an affordable and great-looking option.

Bathroom beforeThe other room in need of renovation was the bathroom. The goal was to create a clean and modern look while retaining a few existing elements.

As you can see from the “Before” photo, the existing flooring, sink and light fixture above the sink stayed–they were in perfect condition and look great with the design of the remodeled bathroom.

Hudson Remodeling helped this property owner achieve a modern looking bathroom by installing a new custom vanity using the same quarter sawn white oak used for the kitchen cabinet doors–again to match the existing wood in house. The last touch was adding a laminate counter top and a new faucet.

Bathroom afterSince there was not a window in the bathroom, our crew installed a solar tube for natural lighting. Solar tubes are an easy way to brighten the interior of many rooms in a home.

To complete the investment property rental building remodel, Hudson Remodeling also upgraded an existing tub/shower unit by installing a Best Bath barrier-free bathing unit. This property owner will be able to live comfortably and age-in-place.

If you are interested in updating your Whatcom or Skagit County investment property contact Hudson Remodeling for information and a project estimate.

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Feature Project: Remodel one bath, add another

Posted 23 October 2015 by Team Hudson

Main BathWhat happens when you love the location of your home but its living spaces are no longer a good match for your needs? When moving is not an option, because you love its proximity to work and family, or you love the land your home sits on, remodeling can be a great alternative.

That was the case with a project Hudson Remodeling recently completed. The Whatcom County homeowner wanted to improve living spaces in both their home and a detached shop building—choosing to modernize and update an existing bathroom, add a shop bathroom and pop in a new window to add more natural light.

Bathroom addition in a workshop building.

How great would it be to have a separate bathroom in your detached shop, barn or agriculture building? We made that dream a reality for our customer.

WebbShwrHudson Remodeling’s experienced carpenters framed a brand new bathroom in the shop building and installed an American-made Best Bath zero clearance shower.

We added drywall, new tile flooring and fixtures, plus a new window for natural light. The shop bathroom was then topped off with freshly painted walls.

Now folks can clean up after a hard day’s work in the garden and shop, without tracking dirt into the main house.

Remodeling a home bathroom.

Why not update another bathroom while we were there?!  Back inside the main house, a bathroom was remodeled Yellow Bathroomand updated to add more functionality and storage. It turned out quite unique and the design should aesthetically stand the test of time.

Hudson’s team gutted the existing tub and shower unit and installed the modern, vibrant shower you see below. We also installed a strategically placed Best Bath grab bar for additional safety.

Need inspiration? See 50 Personalized Bathrooms from Homeowners Around the World

Webb BoysAfter we replaced the existing toilet with a more efficient model, we completed the flooring tile work before adding an updated door for more privacy.

Again, the homeowners wanted more natural light so adding a new window really changed the feel of the space. Don’t mind our hard-at-work models (AKA Hudson team members Dave and Andrey) basking in the glow from the new window.

Next, we extended the laminate counter top (shown below) and installed all new lighting—the finishing touches give this remodeled bathroom a modern, colorful and bright look.

Lastly, the Hudson team installed charming “Farmette” signage on the outside of shop building. We think it looks pretty great behind our truck, don’t you?


When moving is not an option, but your home is in need of a remodel or update—it’s time to start planning, and Hudson Remodeling is ready for your call. We can assist with any shower, tub, tile or whole bathroom remodel project, along with whole house updates.

Simply give us a call or email Charlie about scheduling an in-home appointment to discuss your project.

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How to modernize a 1980’s house

Posted 25 September 2015 by Team Hudson

So, you own or just bought a home that was built in the 1980’s, and you want to make some changes to modernize the look and feel of it—you’re not alone in Whatcom County.

Hudson RemodelingSome of the most popular communities in our area are filled with homes built in the 1980’s, including the Geneva area, Barkley Hill, Ferndale and Lynden.

Renovating and modernizing homes that are 30+ years old can improve functionality, add one’s own unique style, and increase the value of a home.

It’s all about upgrading and improving flow.

Knocking down walls to improve flow, upgrading the layout of master bathrooms, updating kitchen cabinets, replacing siding, and switching out doors and windows are all remodeling tasks that are worth the effort in a 1980’s home.

While those are examples of more costly ways to modernize a home, there are also simpler updates that can make a big difference.

Updating or replacing old trim around windows and doors, and installing new baseboards can be quite effective. Painting existing wood trim is another quick and easy way to modernize a 1980’s home.Hudson Remodeling-kitchen

Check out these inspiring ideas for adding painted trim to your home!

Another affordable way to modernize a 1980’s home is to switch-out kitchen and bathroom fixtures for more contemporary designs—removing brass fixtures is top on some homeowner’s list of home upgrades.

Keep in mind that a uniform approach to hardware makes a home appear more finished. For example, if you replace brass fixtures with nickel in one bathroom you’ll want to consider also replacing brass fixtures found in your kitchen or other bathrooms.

Upgrade those old lighting fixtures!

Upgrading old light fixtures in 1980’s homes is a must-do if you want a more modern look and feel—and if you want to save money on your power bill.

Hudson Remodeling-lightingRemove brass fixtures and dated wall sconces. Ditch unattractive fluorescent fixtures, add pendant lighting in the kitchen and consider installing recessed lighting. Home renovations that include lighting upgrades can greatly change the feel and mood of a home.

DIY or hire a pro?

If your honey-do list is already too long, or if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of spending nights and weekends modernizing your home, contact Hudson Remodeling. Our remodeling crews are pros when it comes to whole-house remodeling services in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

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Entry renovations increase curb appeal, save energy and improve safety.

Posted 23 July 2015 by Team Hudson

Hudson RemodelWant to completely modernize the look of your home, ramp up its curb appeal, and increase its overall value? Try a front entry renovation that is designed to make a major and lasting impact like this picture—built by Hudson Remodeling.

Note how the addition of a covered porch, decorative support columns and a fir wood entry door with side lights really added to the curb appeal of this remodeled farmhouse near Lynden, WA.

Northwest Home EntranceAnother way to improve a home’s entrance is by adding windows and stone detail, as shown in this home near Semiahmoo Resort just outside of Bellingham, WA.

Hudson Remodeling created a covered porch with stone wrapped columns for protection from the elements. Plenty of windows were also included to take advantage of natural lighting.

Entry renovations save energy and improve safety. reports that simply changing out an entry door can lead to less energy waste. “Your home’s “exterior doors can contribute significantly to air leakage, and can also waste energy through conduction, especially if it’s old, uninsulated, improperly installed, and/or improperly air sealed. Weather stripping can reduce the energy losses due to air leakage.”

Learn how to choose an entry door in this Consumer Reports buying guide.

Making changes to lighting around the entry can save energy costs, increase a home’s value, ward off intruders and help prevent falls or other accidents at night time. Simply flanking a door with lights, as shown in the sample below, is a good start!Front entry 3 July 2015

Well-positioned outdoor lighting can also enhance a home’s architectural detail and highlight landscape features–all adding to overall look and feel of the home.

We know that first impressions matter! For the best, longest lasting results, please consider hiring a professional remodeling contractor who uses quality building materials. They will be able to boost your home’s visual appeal while also creating a welcoming place for arriving guests.

Hudson Remodeling helps Whatcom and Skagit County homeowners design and update entryways including covered porches, energy efficient front doors, decorative lighting and custom porch railings. Check out our Houzz page for inspiration and contact us to discuss your home improvement needs.

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7 tips for choosing the right remodeling contractor

Posted 22 April 2015 by Team Hudson

How to choose a remodeling contractor, Bellingham WA

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Remodeling a small bathroom for barrier-free bathing

Posted 25 November 2014 by Team Hudson

Hudson RemodelingBeing able to remain independent and live at home can be a strong part of one’s identity – independence is an important goal for many senior citizens and their loved ones. Aging-in-place is becoming more and more important, especially as the Baby Boomer generation moves through life and looks for ways to maintain their current lifestyle.

In most cases, living safely at home during the aging process means some remodeling work will need to happen, such as making a bathroom more accessible and safe. A licensed general contractor like Hudson Remodeling can help homeowners reach their goal of aging-in-place.

Retrofitting a bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge and expensive endeavor. Sometimes choosing to remodel a smaller bathroom (as featured in this article) in the home can be a more cost effective plan than paying to remodel an entire master suite.

Best Bath Systems, a company Hudson Remodeling has partnered with in 2014, has a wide array of bathtubs and shower units that are ideal for retrofitting even the smallest of bathrooms. Their professional grade units are all made in American and they offer features like strategically placed grab bars and a built-in shower seat that can make the task of bathing much easier.

Hudson RemodelingBest Bath shower units are designed to have a low threshold – this makes getting in and out of the shower much easier. The addition of overhead shower heads and flexible shower wants, allow for users to adjust the height to their specifics needs. Those features actually work well for all ages and abilities – from grandkids to adults with temporary injuries to senior citizens.

Maybe you’ve heard this quote: “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.” Making small adjustments to a home now, before there is an immediate need, can pave the way to safer living at home in the future.

If you or a loved one are considering how to maintain independence at home during the aging process, and would like to discuss how to make bathing areas safer, contact Hudson Remodeling. We can talk about barrier-free bathing options and design a home improvement plan that is just right for your Whatcom or Skagit County home.

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Best Bath Designer Series Products

Posted 27 October 2014 by Team Hudson

Aging in Place, Best Bath ProductsWhen you hear “barrier free bathing options” or “walk-in bathtubs”, what do you imagine? Do you picture plain bathtubs and showers that look very functional and institutional-looking, but have no style or decorative design?’

That’s what many of us imagine, because that is what many of us are used to seeing. But aging in place design has come a long way from the days of simply being functional.

Manufacturers have become savvy and are designing bathtubs and showers that are not only practical, but also come in a variety of beautiful, sleek and modern designs. That’s why we’ve stepped up to be a distributor of Best Bath Systems, one such manufacturer that designs stylish, and useful, bathroom fixtures for those looking for barrier free bathing options.

Best Bath Systems has an entire designer series that will meet your safety requirements and your unique style. The series includes grab bars in an array of acrylic jewel colors or classic metal finishes. Ceramic or glass tiles can be incorporated into the design of showers so the décor matches your entire bathroom.

Best Bath’s designer series also comes in a wide variety of sizes and arrangements, so finding one that fits your bathroom is easy – whether you want to place it in an existing tub footprint or expand the entire bathing area.

Best Bath ProductsAs a long-time Certified Aging in Place contractor, Hudson Remodeling has watched the evolution of barrier-free bath products – we like the direction manufacturers are going.

Installing beautiful and useful walk-in bathtubs and showers with grab bars so people can continue to live independently in their homes as they age is a proud part of Hudson Remodeling. We can renovate homes in which people can live comfortably without having to give up style.

If you, a parent or grandparent is considering options for aging in place, contact us. We’ll help you choose the Best Bath product that fits your design tastes and helps maintain the safety of your home.

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