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Walk-in bath tubs

Posted 25 September 2014 by Team Hudson

Hudson-Remodeling-Best-BathFor people of all ages with impaired mobility, getting in and out of a bathtub can not only be challenging, it can also be dangerous. The good news is that there is a solution that allows people to continue enjoying a bath experience without the danger of stepping over the edge of a tub onto slippery surfaces.

Hudson Remodeling is a proud distributor of Best Bath Systems products – they can incorporate walk-in tubs and barrier-free shower units into bathroom remodeling projects in the greater Bellingham, WA area.

Thanks to companies like Best Bath Systems, the overall design and function of walk-in bathtubs has improved in recent years – the bathing solutions they offer provide a more luxurious and comfortable bathing experience.

Hudson-Remodeling-Best-bath-BellinghamWhy choose a walk-in tub? How about the fact that they are twice the depth of traditional tubs. They also come in a variety of designs, include features like a contoured heated seat, grab-bars and non-skid flooring. Hudson Remodeling helps their customers find a bathing unit that matches both the desired function as well as the style of their bathroom.

Cleaning walk-in units is easier than cleaning traditional tubs because homeowners do not need to extend over the side of the tub to reach the side walls and corners – they can easily step inside the tub to handle cleaning tasks.

If you or a loved one has impaired mobility or wants to age-in-place while continuing to live at home, walk-in bathtubs are a safe solution that allows for independent bathing in the privacy of your own home.

Contact Hudson Remodeling to learn about a barrier-free bathing option that’s perfect for your needs and home.

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Hudson Remodeling is now a barrier free bathing distributor

Posted 2 September 2014 by Team Hudson

Hudson-Remodeling-Best-BathsSince 1971, Best Bath Systems has designed and built bathroom products that are safe for people of all ages and abilities. They are a leading American manufacturer of walk in showers and bathtubs for residential remodeling projects.

It’s a fact that people want to live in their own homes as long as possible – regardless of their age or ability. As the aging in place trend evolves, the need for barrier-free bathing options at home is also increasing.

Hudson Remodeling recently partnered with Best Bath System to serve as their distributor in the greater Bellingham area – including Lynden, Blaine, Everson and other parts of Whatcom County.

There are several things that led Hudson Remodeling to choose Best Bath as a solution provider. They include:

  • Bathroom remodelingBest Bath has over 400 shower and bathtub models to choose from, and available accent colors are limited only by your imagination. Whether a bathroom remodeling project is large or small, they offer many choices that our construction professionals can install.
  • An incredible variety of barrier free/universal designed products are available through Best Bath. Whether a new walk in tub or shower unit is needed, or if a customer wants designer series grab bars, we are able to provide a solution that works.
  • Many of their barrier-free bathing products are specifically designed to fit within a traditional shower/tub footprint – this helps keep remodeling costs lower.
  • The company offers commercial quality products with excellent warranties – up to a lifetime warranty.
  • Best Bath’s manufacturing facility is located in the Pacific Northwest – all of their products are made in America. We think that’s a good thing.

If you know someone needing to remodel their bathrooms to improve safety and comfort, please share this video with them so they can learn about Best Bath products, then call Hudson Remodeling to schedule a project consultation.

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Renovate your home with modern flooring options

Posted 27 June 2014 by Team Hudson

Do you have carpeting in your home that is looking worn and dingy or linoleum that is dated or curling at the edges? If so, it may be time to update the flooring to something cleaner, more modern and more durable.

Marmoleum Flooring

Image Source: Farbo Flooring NA

Marmoleum and pre-finished hardwood flooring are great options for modernizing a home – and there are endless colors, patterns and styles available for both options.

Marmoleum is a bio based product that is highly durable, non-toxic and very easy to maintain. It’s thicker and more durable than the old school linoleum we all grew up with in our kitchens and bathrooms…and, as we like to say around here, it’s “tough stuff”.

This solid surface flooring product is ideal for use in bathrooms, laundry rooms and mud rooms, especially because it is so easy to clean.

Marmoleum has become a favorite product for interior designers because it comes in a variety of patterns, from those that look like marble to others that look like concrete or even wood. The product also is available in sheets or tiles in a rainbow of colors, from subdued shades of brown to bold shades of red. Because of all of the available styles and colors, Marmoleum is an ideal option for homeowners looking to update flooring without having to redecorate an entire room.

Pre-finished hardwood floors

Image Source: Bellawood Flooring

Pre-finished hardwoods are beautiful and have the added benefit of being fairly quick to install (when you know what you’re doing). Crews at Hudson Remodeling can often have pre-finished hardwood flooring installed in one day.

One real benefit to installing pre-finished hardwood flooring is that it doesn’t have the mess or fumes that can occur when installing traditional wood floors in a home. It also tends to have a longer warranty – 15 to 25 years – as opposed to raw wood flooring, which may only have a 1-year warranty.

Like Marmoleum, pre-finished hardwood flooring is available in many styles, so homeowners can choose from a grain of wood that they are drawn to or a stain of wood that matches their room’s décor.

If you’re ready to update the flooring in your home, contact Hudson Remodeling. We’d be happy to discuss what option would be best for your home and budget.

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Custom Decks for Outdoor Entertaining

Posted 1 June 2014 by Team Hudson

Whatcom County summers bring eternal daylight – long, sunny days that last long into the night are the perfect occasion for outdoor entertaining.

Having a deck to celebrate these summer nights on is a great way to bring together friends, family and neighbors…and to enjoy this wonderful place we call home.

There are many beautiful and customizable deck designs out there. If you want to make your home a go-to place for summer entertaining, here are some points to consider before calling a contractor to build your new custom deck.

Lake Whatcom Deck

(photo credit: Hudson Remodeling)

Decks and large porches can increase a home’s curb appeal. Having a space outside where homeowners can sit and enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Baker, Lake Whatcom, or even territorial property views can be a great selling point for a home.

Even a simple expanded entry porch where you can sit and enjoy a cup of morning coffee while reading the newspaper can be a perfect addition to your home.

By adding a custom deck, you can also increase the living and entertaining areas of your home. Some deck designs, like shown above and below, combine indoor and outdoor living spaces to improve function and flow.


(photo credit:

If your home has an older deck, it may be time to make updates to ensure it is safe for family and guests. Many older decks are unsafe due to rotting wood or staircase and railing designs that no longer fit current safety standards. A licensed contractor can design and build your new deck so it is in line with the most current safety standards.

Modern day deck manufacturers, such as Trex, offer wood-alternative composite decking that is longer lasting and lower maintenance (see sample below). The material looks like wood and comes in various styles and colors to meet anyone’s tastes. They will cost more to install but in the long run, these decks are more cost-effective because they require less repairs and upkeep.

Hudson Remodeling Trex Deck

(photo credit: Hudson Remodeling)

Decks are also completely customizable for things such as seating, grills and hot tubs. At Hudson Remodeling, we will design and build custom decks that match your vision and needs whether you want to use it for large group entertaining or as a private space.

The options for custom deck design are nearly infinite – you can check out many ideas for inspiring decks, such as the one below, on

Outdoor Deck

(photo credit:

Contact Charlie Hudson today to discuss updating your current deck or having a new one added to your Whatcom or Skagit County home.

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Universal Design for Small Bathrooms

Posted 24 April 2014 by Team Hudson

Every day we hear about something important homeowners are faced with…that is trying to make their existing home work during the aging process.

Rather than downsizing or moving to assisted living facilities, many senior citizens are deciding to renovate their home to make it suitable for aging in place. Renovations that allow aging in place do not mean that the entire house needs to be redesigned to function only for the elderly. Universal design techniques and products make rooms accessible for all ages and abilities, so is an ideal solution for families or people who frequently host guests.

Not all bathroom renovations need to be large scale and costly. Homeowners can start small, like this bathroom project we recently completed in a Whatcom County home.

Hudson RemodelingOne of the first things that needed to be addressed with this bathroom remodel was replacing the tub/shower unit with one that was better for aging in place.

Rather than having a tall sided tub that needs to be stepped over (difficult for older people), we installed a low clearance, universally designed shower unit. Getting in and out of this shower will make life much easier for our client.

The universal design shower unit included a fold-down seat and a sturdy grab bar to aid with stability and safety. A fixed shower head, plus a handheld shower head, were also installed. Not only will those features make showering easier, but the handheld shower head makes cleaner the shower easier for all abilities.

Hudson Remodeling

To also help with easy cleaning and maintenance, we installed a vanity surface that won’t require much special care over the years. The faucet of the sink is a lever, which again is more accessible for all ages and abilities. These simple details can make all the difference when remodeling a home with aging in place in mind.

Lastly, Marmoleum flooring was installed. This is a solid sheet of very durable linoleum. Because this type of flooring doesn’t have seams, it is easier to clean and is longer lasting than traditional linoleum.

Hudson Remodeling

Are you starting to consider your options for retirement and are thinking about aging in place? Please consider contacting Hudson Remodeling to learn how we can help with projects large and small.

Want to learn more about universal design, including tips and ideas? Visit Hudson Remodeling’s blog for more articles and information.

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How to add a simple media room to your home

Posted 20 March 2014 by Team Hudson

Do you have a room in your home that is a catch-all room? Maybe there’s a treadmill that hasn’t been used in a long time, an office desk that is overflowing with electronic equipment, paperwork and books. Maybe there is even a collection of extra furniture that doesn’t fit in other rooms.

Hudson Remodeling Home Entertainment Room Hudson Remodeling

Catch-all rooms, like the “before” sample above, are often a great choice when it comes to selecting a place in your home for a new media room. When remodeled effectively, you can bring function to a under used room while creating a space that is ideal for entertainment.

Hudson Remodeling recently completed a project that transformed a room from one that was simply an extra space in the house to one that is now a fresh and modern place where the homeowners can enjoy time together, watch movies and relax by the fireplace (“after” photo below).

Hudson Remodeling Home Entertainment RenovationA variety of elements were used in this room to create a warm, calming feel. They included a glass mosaic tile fireplace surround, custom cabinetry, upgraded wiring, granite counter tops (by Creative Stoneworks), new paint and carpeting.

Custom cabinetry was installed that allows for media and DVD storage, plus shelving for artwork and knick knacks to be displayed. Hudson Remodeling craftsmen designed and built the custom fireplace mantle and installed the mosaic tile around it. We think it looks great!

When planning the remodel of this media room, we carefully considered how natural light could create glare on screens in the room. Reducing the size of the south-facing windows was an easy way to minimize glare and also make room for new cabinetry.

Our clients worked with Aqui Este Tile in Bellingham, WA – they helped with color and material selection. Audio Visual Excellence, a Bellingham company that specializes in installing and maintaining home theater and entertainment systems, installed wiring and AV equipment. Hudson Remodeling removed sheetrock to make their job easier and then replaced it when they were done.

The end result is a classy media room that is inviting and cozy – our clients are thrilled with their upgraded living space.

If you’ve considered remodeling your home to create a home theater or media room, contact Hudson Remodeling. We enjoy working on projects that help homeowners modernize their home and maximize living spaces to their fullest potential.

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Exterior remodeling projects include skylights and new siding

Posted 6 March 2014 by Team Hudson

Hudson RemodelingThinking of adding skylights or updating your home’s siding this summer? Now is the time to begin planning these types of outdoor remodeling projects.

It’s a fact that both large and small home remodeling projects take time to plan. It’s always best to begin the process sooner than later, especially if the renovation is one that would benefit from being done when the weather is nice…like alterations involving roofs and siding.

Solar tubes vs. traditional skylights

If you’re looking to add skylights, two available options are traditional skylights (square or rectangle boxes inserted between ceilings and roofs) or sun tubes (cylinders that capture light and diffuse it into the room below). Both options are viable depending on the slope of your roof – you’ll just want to consider cost the direction your home faces.

Skylights do seem to have more variations that can make them visually appealing, whereas sun tubes have a very simple design.

Because sun tubes are a small dome of glass, they require less upkeep than traditional skylights, which may collect dirt and leaves as time goes on. Sun tubes are also a more cost effective alternative to skylights, mostly because installation is easier.

Consider cement fiber siding upgrades

If you’re looking to replace siding, consider fiber cement-siding which is a mix of wood pulp and Portland cement (the most common type of cement).

This type of siding requires minimal upkeep, is resilient, and can often be an affordable option when compared to other products.

Fiber cement-siding products can give the look of painted wood, shingles or vertical siding. It’s a great way to keep costs down without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home.

Now is the time to schedule outdoor construction projects

Spring is the best time to sort out project design and construction schedules with your contractor. They will need adequate time to order and receive supplies and also get your project on their schedule for the summer months.

Do you have an outdoor remodeling project you would like to have done on your Bellingham or Whatcom County home this year? Contact Hudson Remodeling today to set up a consultation.

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Ideas and inspiration for remodeling a master bedroom

Posted 21 December 2013 by Team Hudson

Hudson Remodeling

Have you been dreaming of ways to remodel your master bedroom but don’t quite know where to begin? A master bedroom remodel is a great way to freshen things up – it can even make an old home feel like new.

Tackling remodeling projects in your home may seem overwhelming, but they don’t need to be.  Working with an experienced contractor, who will walk you through the entire process, can make the project seamless and enjoyable.

There are a few things to consider before moving forward with remodeling a master bedroom. Do you want to change lighting or make windows larger? How about adding a skylight?  Should closets be larger with more shelving? Do you want to remodel the adjoining bathroom at the same time so features and finishes are consistent?

These are the sorts of questions that Hudson Remodeling can help you answer. As a client, we believe that you should be part of the planning process, but shouldn’t be overwhelmed with all the details. We listen to what you envision and discuss options that fit with your ideas and budget.

Hudson RemodelingSomething else to consider with a master bedroom remodel is the possibility of adding an addition with a ground floor master suite to your home. When thinking to the future, having a bedroom with private bath can be a wise investment for those wishing to age in place.  Ground floor bedroom/bathroom suites can also be perfect for guests; they can make a difference for all ages and physical abilities.

You may or may not know exactly what you want with your master bedroom remodel, but Hudson Remodeling has years of experience and countless ideas to tap into – we can help create the perfect room for you.

Take a look at this gallery of master bedrooms or view additional samples on – there are thousands of images and ideas for master bedroom retreats.

When you are ready to learn more about master suite remodeling in your Whatcom or Skagit County home, contact Charlie at Hudson Remodeling to set up a consultation – we can help create the bedroom you’ve been dreaming of.

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Planning Ahead for 2014 Remodeling Projects

Posted 22 November 2013 by Team Hudson

Hudson Remodeling What are your goals for 2014? Do they include an addition or remodel to modernize your Whatcom County home? Maybe you’re expecting an addition to your family that will require another room or are starting a new business and will need a home office. If you’re planning a larger home remodel such as these, now is the time to start planning for it.

The process will begin with talking to a general contractor to start working on a construction plan. You will want to discuss your budget and what you envision for the finished product at this time.

Hudson-Remodeling-WhatcomBecause there are seemingly endless options when it comes to home construction design, it helps to look at magazines, websites or to begin forming your own ideas.

Not quite sure of what you want visually? Take a look at Hudson Remodeling’s Photo Gallery for inspiration.

Two things that often aren’t factored in when developing the plan for a residential remodeling project is the time required to order supplies and obtain building permits. These tasks are important reasons to start thinking ahead for home construction projects.

At Hudson Remodeling, we take a Design-Build approach to remodeling projects.  We walk clients through the entire process so they don’t have to research and hire multiple companies for each area of the job.

Remodels should be an exciting time for homeowners. Planning accordingly and leaving adequate time for the project will help ensure the process meets your expectations. Contact Charlie Hudson to talk about your home remodeling goals for 2014!

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The benefits of using a design-build contractor

Posted 19 September 2013 by Team Hudson

When it’s time to move forward with a home remodeling project, there is a lot to consider. Homeowners typically have a pretty good vision for how the finished product should look so it’s important to make sure the right construction professionals are chosen early on in the process.

Hudson Remodeling is a design-build contractor in Whatcom County, which means that we can handle the entire project from start to finish so homeowners don’t have to hire multiple firms and juggle communication between them.

There are many benefits to hiring a design-build contractor for remodeling projects. The main benefit is that the design-build contractor is part of the process from beginning to end so they understand exactly what clients want and then use their craftsmanship skills to build it.

Another benefit to choosing a design-build firm is that the person who designs the project also is accountable for accurately measuring, ordering materials, overseeing product installation and staying on budget. This reduces the opportunity for errors which can lead to extra expense.

When working with a design-build firm, preliminary conversations will involve listening to the vision for the remodeling project and exploring the possibilities, and challenges, that may be faced along the way. This allows the builder and homeowner to design plans that meet their needs and work within their budget.

With all the details in place, the next step is construction. Because the design-build contractor and homeowner have worked closely during the design process, they know what to expect during the building phase.

By choosing Hudson Remodeling for your next residential renovation project, you can feel confident that we will understand your needs and be accountable for your project, from start to finish.

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