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Preparing your home for winter weather events

Posted 26 October 2016 by Team Hudson

Replacing old windows is worth the investment.

Replacing old windows is worth the investment.

In October 2016, news reports throughout the Pacific Northwest were flooded with heralds of the impending “storm of the century.”

Newscasters painted visions of siding peeling away, skylights leaking like a sieve, deck railings blowing down, uprooted trees crashing through roofs — a catastrophe was looming.

Thankfully, though the storm was indeed a beast, it was less frightening than it could have been.

We were all given a reprieve, a chance to fix various issues before the next storm rolls in. Here are a few winter home repair items for Whatcom or Skagit County homeowners to think about mending:

Leaky windows and doors: Do you notice a draft when you walk near your front door? During a typical Northwest (read: sideways) rain, do a few droplets sneak into your home? Hudson Remodeling’s handyman services can take care of this by installing a new entry door. Water leaks can cause a lot of damage, especially when allowed to persist, so it’s a good idea to take care of leaks as soon as you notice them. And if a lot of damage has already been done, Hudson — a window and door installer with years of PNW expertise — can make your home safe and looking like new again.

photo-1452626212852-811d58933caeWorn siding: If nails are popping from your wooden siding, or if your vinyl siding makes loud noise in the wind and rain, call Hudson for help. Whether it’s a small caulk-and-paint job or a larger siding replacement, Hudson is a siding installer with the expertise to get the job done right. Not only will your home be better prepared to fend off winter, but it’ll be a lot better looking, too.

Weak insulation: Many houses in Bellingham and Whatcom County were built without insulation. And many of those who do have it don’t have enough. If you’ve been wondering whether your winter heat is escaping right through your walls and ceiling, now’s the time to get it checked out, before another storm hits.

Faulty decks and railings: Given enough time, wood rots. Especially in this wet Northwest Washington weather. Replace rotted deck boards and railings, or even have an entirely new deck made of long-lasting composite material installed.

Not only is your home a big investment, it also keeps your family safe and dry. Don’t wait until more damage is done, or until the next storm hits and the entire county is calling for help. Be ahead of the game.

For help from a Skagit or Whatcom County remodeler to get your home ready for another unpredictable Northwest winter, contact Charlie Hudson and the rest of the Hudson pros.

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Choosing the right type of deck for your home

Posted 26 May 2015 by Team Hudson

Trex is the world’s #1 decking brand and the inventor of wood-alternative composite decking. Trex is known for being a low-maintenance, high-performance building material that can easily handle outdoor elements for decades.

Trex Deck

Photo Credit:

Hudson Remodeling has worked with composite decking material like Trex in residential projects (sample here)—it’s definitely a decking material of choice, especially for use around Whatcom and Skagit County homes.

Composite decking imitates the natural beauty of wood, but leaves behind all rotting and splintering—and the surface is comfy to walk on with bare feet. These long-lasting building products offer superior durability and performance that homeowners just can’t get from wood.

Composite decking may cost a bit more upfront, but it is more cost-effective in the long run because of its low maintenance costs—composite decks never needs staining or painting.  Maintenance can be as easy as an annual pressure wash treatment.

What’s more, Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials, making it an environmentally-friendly choice many homeowners feel great about.

Hudson Remodeling Deck

Photo Credit: Hudson Remodeling

Want to try building a Trex deck on your own? Know there some challenges to be aware of. One of the most common problems that DIY-ers encounter when building their own deck is that they forget composite decking expands and contracts with heat and cold. The right amount of space should be allowed between each board. Experience working with the product, or taking time to educate yourself before starting a DIY deck project, will reduce waste and the headache of having to repair/redo a deck down the road.

Contact Hudson Remodeling if you’d prefer to spend weekends relaxing on your custom deck instead of building one—know it will be built to last and built right the first time.

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Custom decks for outdoor entertaining

Posted 1 June 2014 by Team Hudson

Whatcom County summers bring eternal daylight – long, sunny days that last long into the night are the perfect occasion for outdoor entertaining.

Having a deck to celebrate these summer nights on is a great way to bring together friends, family and neighbors…and to enjoy this wonderful place we call home.

There are many beautiful and customizable deck designs out there. If you want to make your home a go-to place for summer entertaining, here are some points to consider before calling a contractor to build your new custom deck.

Lake Whatcom Deck

(photo credit: Hudson Remodeling)

Decks and large porches can increase a home’s curb appeal. Having a space outside where homeowners can sit and enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Baker, Lake Whatcom, or even territorial property views can be a great selling point for a home.

Even a simple expanded entry porch where you can sit and enjoy a cup of morning coffee while reading the newspaper can be a perfect addition to your home.

By adding a custom deck, you can also increase the living and entertaining areas of your home. Some deck designs, like shown above and below, combine indoor and outdoor living spaces to improve function and flow.


(photo credit:

If your home has an older deck, it may be time to make updates to ensure it is safe for family and guests. Many older decks are unsafe due to rotting wood or staircase and railing designs that no longer fit current safety standards. A licensed contractor can design and build your new deck so it is in line with the most current safety standards.

Modern day deck manufacturers, such as Trex, offer wood-alternative composite decking that is longer lasting and lower maintenance (see sample below). The material looks like wood and comes in various styles and colors to meet anyone’s tastes. They will cost more to install but in the long run, these decks are more cost-effective because they require less repairs and upkeep.

Hudson Remodeling Trex Deck

(photo credit: Hudson Remodeling)

Decks are also completely customizable for things such as seating, grills and hot tubs. At Hudson Remodeling, we will design and build custom decks that match your vision and needs whether you want to use it for large group entertaining or as a private space.

The options for custom deck design are nearly infinite – you can check out many ideas for inspiring decks, such as the one below, on

Outdoor Deck

(photo credit:

Contact Charlie Hudson today to discuss updating your current deck or having a new one added to your Whatcom or Skagit County home.

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Increase your home’s value with outdoor construction projects

Posted 2 June 2013 by Team Hudson

With summer on its way, now is the perfect time to start planning outdoor construction projects that will increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Maybe you want to paint, replace old siding, or entertain more on a new deck. Whatever your project is this year, Hudson Remodeling is here to help.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan for outdoor construction projects this summer:

  • Ready to replace the siding on your home?  Consider material selection carefully.  We recommend and frequently install HardiPlank, a fiber-cement siding that is durable (it can last 50+ years), looks like wood, and is insect-resistant.  HardiPlank holds paint incredibly well so future maintenance costs will be lower.


  • Time to repaint your home?  Remember to keep the color scheme of your doors, windows and even the roof of your house in mind.  You’ll want to choose colors that complement those features.  Keep in mind that darker paint colors can absorb heat, which may be beneficial during Whatcom County’s cold winter months, but not during warmer summer months.


  • Need to build a new deck or repair an existing one?  Make sure you allow enough space to accommodate tables, chairs, a BBQ and people comfortably.   Being in the lovely Pacific Northwest we can rarely guarantee sunshine – consider adding a cover to your deck so you can still enjoy the outdoors without getting wet.   You will also want to consider what decking material will best fit your needs.  Maintenance, durability, overall look, and sustainability are a few we consult with people on during the planning phase.


As a licensed general contractor in Whatcom County, Hudson Remodeling crews are ready to help with any deck or HardiPlank siding projects you’d like to undertake this year – our customers love our work and so will you!

Contact Charlie Hudson for a detailed estimate today.

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