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Feature project: Clean, stylish kitchen remodel in Bellingham

Posted 28 March 2017 by Team Hudson

The pros at Hudson Remodeling absolutely love doing detailed work. And when they can do that work in the service of a client who’s tired of making compromises… well, that’s a great day.

Some homeowners came in recently with heads full of ideas for remodeling their kitchen. They wanted to keep the same basic layout, but they had some other fixes in mind that would help them truly enjoy their space.

Photo May 23, 4 14 16 PM

Before the remodel

For starters, that involved installing higher-quality cherry cabinets and extending the new cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Because the clients had been displaying glassware in that forever dusty above-cabinet space, new display areas with glass doors were built into some of the new cabinetry.

Under cabinet LED-lighting was installed. The result provides a good amount of light shining down on another of the centerpieces of this kitchen remodel: gorgeous granite countertops and a nearly seamless backsplash, which was sourced from Creative Stoneworks in Bellingham.

Under cabinet power strips and lighting

Because of space limitations, the granite countertops were custom-designed to have no overhang. The result is functional and just as beautiful as it would have been otherwise.

In a special touch, the project skipped the traditional placement of outlets that would be cut into the backsplash. Instead, under-cabinet power strips provide all power needs. This helps highlight the beautiful pattern of the granite backsplash.

Kitchen remodeling can be personal and customized. These home remodeling clients had knobs that were of sentimental value, so those went on all new cabinetry. The original kitchen faucet, which came with a rather neat permanently installed flower vase, also was retained per their request.


The island was left in the same place, as shown in the photos, but the wine rack was moved around the corner, and cookbook storage was hidden behind a new cabinet door. The island also was the recipient of some new display space and a convenient electrical outlet. The overall result is a cleaner looking kitchen island, especially when viewed from other rooms in the house.

Finishing touches included a sliding recycling-bin feature for under the countertop and a custom, extra-deep pantry.

To chat about ideas for your own Whatcom or Skagit kitchen remodel, give Hudson Remodeling a call. And feel free to browse photo galleries of Hudson’s other kitchen remodels for inspiration.



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Remodeling the master suite of your dreams

Posted 25 January 2017 by Team Hudson

P1070679Dreaming of the perfect master suite?

The best home renovations are ones that take advantage of your home’s unique character while also meeting your desires for space and function.

Hudson Remodeling has worked on a number of elegant master suite remodels in Whatcom and Skagit Counties over the years, and through it all we’ve learned tips and tricks that ensure your master suite remodel is a huge success.

Here are a few things to consider to ensure the end product is the master suite of your dreams!

When it comes to ideas, start from scratch. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when planning a remodel is not letting their imaginations roam freely. They simply can’t imagine the bed in a different part of the room or the door to the bathroom being in a different spot. Try to imagine your space completely empty, and then think: If I could move anything I want, what would I do? Maybe you’d cover up a window to allow the bed to be in a different spot. Maybe you’d move a wall to create a larger sitting area. Perhaps you’d expand the bathroom into the neighboring bedroom to fit in an oversized jacuzzi tub. Maybe you’d even add on to the house to make room for your dream suite! If you’re stumped for ideas, feel free to browse images of work we’ve done.

P1070689Think of all the things you would do in the space if you could. A master suite should be designed for a purpose. Think of it as your personal, private space, away from the bustle of the rest of the house. Now, what do you want to do there? Maybe you want curl up by a fireplace and watch TV, or sink into a comfy chair and read a book, or sit at a desk and conduct business from home. In the bathroom, maybe you’ve always wanted to relax in a full-surround shower or enjoy the comfort of a step-in tub that’ll provide safe, barrier-free living for years to come. A list of possible uses for your master suite will make the design process much simpler.

Reach out to an expert for design tips and ideas. Typically, homeowners don’t really know what’s possible until they talk with an expert. We recently completed an extensive master suite remodel near Bellingham, WA that features a beautifully tiled walk-in shower with a stylish grab bar and integrated seat. It’s a space in which our client will feel safe years down the road. However, clients often don’t think about how their needs might change a decade or two in the future. An experienced design/build firm like Hudson Remodeling has the expertise necessary to notice these sorts of issues and to suggest functional and beautiful layouts and products. Our client loves this new space!

If you want to talk with Hudson Remodeling about your ideas for a new master suite, give us a call or come see us at the 2017 Home & Garden Show in Lynden March 3 to 5. For inspiration, go online to look at samples of work we’ve done in the past. Because we’re a design/build contractor, we can handle any job, from the basic idea stage all the way to the finished product. And we can handle almost every type of project, whether it’s a remodel or it involves additions or new construction.

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Project: Whatcom County bathroom remodeled with aging in place

Posted 19 July 2013 by Team Hudson

Not every homeowner wants or needs to tackle an extensive bathroom remodel.  Sometimes great results come from simply updating and modernizing an existing space, without moving doors, walls and windows.

This Everson bathroom remodel project is a perfect example of how Hudson Remodeling worked with homeowners to greatly improve an existing bathroom by providing them with a fresh, new living space that will be functional for years to come.

Before and after

Take a look at this “before” photo. Note the tired shower enclosure with narrow opening, vanity storage issues, linoleum flooring, dated lighting, and wood-framed mirror.

In this “after” image you’ll see that a new vanity with granite counter top was added along with a frame-less, recessed medicine cabinet and updated lighting. The bones of the room (walls) stayed in exactly the same place but all elements within the room were remodeled.

Providing solutions

While the new vanity was the same size as the old one, it was custom built with extra drawers to handle storage issues.   Extra towel bars, robe hooks and an additional custom cabinet unit were also installed around the bathroom for storage purposes.

The old shower unit was completely gutted and replaced with custom tile and a frame-less glass door.  The homeowners love how the glass doors make the entire room look much larger – we are particularly proud of the precision tile work Hudson crews did on this job!

Planning for the future

A few aging in place features were included in this bathroom remodel project.  Grab bars and a built-in seat were strategically placed in the shower; a low threshold entry was designed into the unit.

Toggle light switches and lever-style faucet handles are subtle changes that will make life easier in years to come.

Want to learn more about remodeling with aging in place in mind? Contact Charlie Hudson today or check out these articles:

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Updating tile in your bathroom or kitchen

Posted 21 June 2013 by Team Hudson

Have you recently purchased a house or are you looking to freshen up your existing home?  If so, consider adding tile in the kitchen or bathroom – tile can be a great home renovation project that has a dramatic and lasting effect.

Decorative tile installations allow homeowners to be creative, whether they prefer a subtle, classic look or something more colorful and abstract.  Tile comes in a wide array of materials including porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, marble, mosaic, and more.  The color choices are limitless so there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you would like to improve a property by adding tile, first spend some time looking at photos of kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects (in magazines or online) so you can get a feel for the style and look you prefer.  Looking at spaces that are similar to yours will allow you to see how material selection impacts the end result.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan for a tile project:

  • Overall color scheme – consider neutral tile colors, use accessories to add splashes of color
  • Size and layout of the space you will be tiling – decide whether to use large or small tiles
  • Durability – this is especially important if the area has heavy foot traffic
  • Cost of the material and labor to install – ask an experienced tile installer for a detailed estimate

Not sure where to go for inspiration? We recommend checking out Hudson Remodeling’s website ( or Pinterest, where there are endless ideas for things tile backsplashes ( and tile floors. (

If you would like to learn more about adding tile to your kitchen or bath, we’d love to talk with you. Hudson Remodeling is known for our expert tile work, especially when dealing with tight areas, uneven surfaces and corners that aren’t perfectly square. We’ve completed countless tile installations around Whatcom County and Skagit Counties and are proud of our work.

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