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Change your home’s personality with new flooring

Posted 23 August 2017 by Team Hudson

Is your home’s interior looking a little tired these days? Looking for a project to breathe life into your home, but you’re just not sure what?

One effective way of giving your home a makeover is to redo the flooring.

Plus, new flooring means hiding the carpet wine stains from Christmas 2004 and the path worn through the kitchen by Sadie and her clackety claws.

But what to choose? From carpet to cork, from bamboo to berber… the myriad possibilities can seem overwhelming. Here are a few flooring options that have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity lately for Bellingham and Whatcom County home remodels.

Vinyl flooring: Luxury vinyl plank flooring is pretty hot right now. (Note the “luxury” in the name; there are cheaper options that don’t look nearly as good.) LVP can be made to resemble pretty much anything you can think of, from weathered, reclaimed wood to Brazilian Oak to slate tile and more.

Linoleum: Like vinyl flooring, linoleum is experiencing a resurgence. Made largely from linseed oil, linoleum is popular among people looking for renewable, eco-friendly options. In fact, linoleum is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available. And because it’s manufactured, you can get it in just about every color, pattern and texture you can think of.

Cork: Cork flooring is environmentally friendly, comfortable to walk on, durable and cost-effective. Like wood, it can be stained in pretty much any color imaginable, so it’s a versatile option for homeowners who like thinking outside the box.

Bamboo: Made from the familiar fast-growing grass, bamboo flooring can be as hard and durable as any hardwood. Lately, we’ve been seeing an explosion of colors and styles, making this renewable flooring all the more attractive. Bamboo often resembles hardwoods in look, too, though its interesting grain patterns offer something unique.

Concrete: As an interior flooring material, concrete is another surface that has come a long way in recent years. It can be textured, colored, stamped, stained and polished until it shines like a mirror. Whatever your style, concrete can probably match it.

Reclaimed wood: People are using old barn siding or other reclaimed wood as flooring with gorgeous results. It can be harder to find than more traditional flooring options, but it’s stunning and already proven to stand up to wear and tear. As an alternative, there are some tiles that do an impressive job of emulating the look and feel of reclaimed wood. An excellent choice for a floor or even a quirky backsplash in a modern kitchen.

Engineered hardwood: If you want the traditional look of hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood is a great way to go. It layers an actual slice of hardwood — usually oak, hickory or cherry, but other options also are available — over high-quality plywood, and it actually stands up to moisture better than solid hardwood, because it’s less prone to warping.

If you’re looking for a fun, effective way of rejuvenating or remodeling your home’s style, flooring is a great way to go. Contact us at Hudson Remodeling to chat about flooring trends in Whatcom and Skagit counties and how we can help upgrade your style.

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CAD renderings add an extra touch to design/build work

Posted 26 April 2017 by Team Hudson

Are you sure you put the microwave in the right place? Is there enough space around the island? Might those pendant lights get in the way of the cabinet doors?

Looking at a flat blueprint, the answers to these questions are sometimes hard for clients to imagine.

That’s why Hudson Remodeling uses the latest computer technology to help clients visualize the changes to their homes.

Susan SilvaSusan Silva, who designs and manages design/build projects at Hudson Remodeling, creates computer-aided design (CAD) drawings for many kitchen jobs — and a lot of the bathrooms, too — that Hudson works on.

It’s a worthwhile service, Silva says, because it helps clients imagine the changes that will be made to their spaces. In addition to blueprints of plans, the Whatcom County remodeler’s clients can get a virtual walkthrough of their new room and thus are better able to contribute to the remodeling process and make design decisions on the fly when needed.

When clients hire Hudson Remodeling, they get much more than a simple project manager. They get an entire team dedicated to making sure their remodel project goes as smoothly as possible — and that they are equipped to make design choices as the project proceeds.

Because Silva works alongside Hudson’s lead carpenters to provide estimates, create remodeling plans, research supplies and order materials, she knows what each project will look like and how it will proceed. And because she’s able to put that information into a CAD rendering and walk through it with clients, they know, too, just how their home will look.

For example, look at these renderings from a recent kitchen remodel in Bellingham. The work required reconfiguring some cabinets in a kitchen the clients had enjoyed for many years. Because they had the CAD renderings, it was easy for them to look beyond the kitchen they were familiar with and imagine the kitchen of their dreams.

If you’ve been considering a remodeling project for your Whatcom County home, give the team at Hudson Remodeling a call. In addition to kitchens and baths, Hudson Remodeling handles master suites, exterior projects and even whole-house remodeling.



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Feature project: Clean, stylish kitchen remodel in Bellingham

Posted 28 March 2017 by Team Hudson

The pros at Hudson Remodeling absolutely love doing detailed work. And when they can do that work in the service of a client who’s tired of making compromises… well, that’s a great day.

Some homeowners came in recently with heads full of ideas for remodeling their kitchen. They wanted to keep the same basic layout, but they had some other fixes in mind that would help them truly enjoy their space.

Photo May 23, 4 14 16 PM

Before the remodel

For starters, that involved installing higher-quality cherry cabinets and extending the new cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Because the clients had been displaying glassware in that forever dusty above-cabinet space, new display areas with glass doors were built into some of the new cabinetry.

Under cabinet LED-lighting was installed. The result provides a good amount of light shining down on another of the centerpieces of this kitchen remodel: gorgeous granite countertops and a nearly seamless backsplash, which was sourced from Creative Stoneworks in Bellingham.

Under cabinet power strips and lighting

Because of space limitations, the granite countertops were custom-designed to have no overhang. The result is functional and just as beautiful as it would have been otherwise.

In a special touch, the project skipped the traditional placement of outlets that would be cut into the backsplash. Instead, under-cabinet power strips provide all power needs. This helps highlight the beautiful pattern of the granite backsplash.

Kitchen remodeling can be personal and customized. These home remodeling clients had knobs that were of sentimental value, so those went on all new cabinetry. The original kitchen faucet, which came with a rather neat permanently installed flower vase, also was retained per their request.


The island was left in the same place, as shown in the photos, but the wine rack was moved around the corner, and cookbook storage was hidden behind a new cabinet door. The island also was the recipient of some new display space and a convenient electrical outlet. The overall result is a cleaner looking kitchen island, especially when viewed from other rooms in the house.

Finishing touches included a sliding recycling-bin feature for under the countertop and a custom, extra-deep pantry.

To chat about ideas for your own Whatcom or Skagit kitchen remodel, give Hudson Remodeling a call. And feel free to browse photo galleries of Hudson’s other kitchen remodels for inspiration.



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Feature project: Structure remodel of a home addition

Posted 25 April 2016 by Team Hudson

Photo Feb 16, 3 32 07 PM

What would you do if your sunroom roof was sagging and you were afraid to spend time in the space? What if you thought there were structural problems that may cause part of your house to fall in during a Whatcom County windstorm?

That was the case with one of Hudson Remodeling’s recent clients–homeowners who lived in the North Bellingham/Ferndale, WA area.

The homeowners were afraid to use the hot tub inside their sunroom because they knew there were roof issues that were causing safety concerns.

Hudson Remodeling came on board to work with the clients to renovate their sunroom addition, making it safe and usable for years to come.

The project included re-using existing windows and eight skylights (as a cost-saving measure). What is cool about this project was that the exterior walls were not altered in any way, but the entire roof was removed and the room was re-built from the inside.


To better support the structure a new ridge beam was installed and framing was upgraded from 2” x 6” construction to 2” x 12” construction so R30 insulation could be added to the sunroom. Larger rafters allow better air flow (important when a hot tub is in the room) and insulation in the ceiling means the space can be more efficiently heated.

Photo Feb 16, 3 30 40 PM

After the ridge beam was added, both end walls were rebuilt to better support the improved roof. Interior walls were sheet rocked and painted—the ceiling was finished with 1” x 6” pine tongue and groove boards.

Nolan’s Roofing, a Whatcom County roofing company, was a great resource on this job. They helped with roof demolition then came back a couple days later to shingle the new roof. Scheduling was important on this job as construction crews were working outside in the month of February—the roof had to be put on quickly to avoid rain from getting in.

This project went very smooth despite its complexity and winter working conditions. The finished result is a safe and energy efficient sunroom that the homeowners can use year round.

If your Bellingham, Lynden or Ferndale, WA home needs structural repairs contact Hudson Remodeling—we specialize in remodeling older homes to increase function, flow and safety.

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Entry renovations increase curb appeal, save energy and improve safety.

Posted 23 July 2015 by Team Hudson

Hudson RemodelWant to completely modernize the look of your home, ramp up its curb appeal, and increase its overall value? Try a front entry renovation that is designed to make a major and lasting impact like this picture—built by Hudson Remodeling.

Note how the addition of a covered porch, decorative support columns and a fir wood entry door with side lights really added to the curb appeal of this remodeled farmhouse near Lynden, WA.

Northwest Home EntranceAnother way to improve a home’s entrance is by adding windows and stone detail, as shown in this home near Semiahmoo Resort just outside of Bellingham, WA.

Hudson Remodeling created a covered porch with stone wrapped columns for protection from the elements. Plenty of windows were also included to take advantage of natural lighting.

Entry renovations save energy and improve safety. reports that simply changing out an entry door can lead to less energy waste. “Your home’s “exterior doors can contribute significantly to air leakage, and can also waste energy through conduction, especially if it’s old, uninsulated, improperly installed, and/or improperly air sealed. Weather stripping can reduce the energy losses due to air leakage.”

Learn how to choose an entry door in this Consumer Reports buying guide.

Making changes to lighting around the entry can save energy costs, increase a home’s value, ward off intruders and help prevent falls or other accidents at night time. Simply flanking a door with lights, as shown in the sample below, is a good start!Front entry 3 July 2015

Well-positioned outdoor lighting can also enhance a home’s architectural detail and highlight landscape features–all adding to overall look and feel of the home.

We know that first impressions matter! For the best, longest lasting results, please consider hiring a professional remodeling contractor who uses quality building materials. They will be able to boost your home’s visual appeal while also creating a welcoming place for arriving guests.

Hudson Remodeling helps Whatcom and Skagit County homeowners design and update entryways including covered porches, energy efficient front doors, decorative lighting and custom porch railings. Check out our Houzz page for inspiration and contact us to discuss your home improvement needs.

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How to add a simple media room to your home

Posted 20 March 2014 by Team Hudson

Do you have a room in your home that is a catch-all room? Maybe there’s a treadmill that hasn’t been used in a long time, an office desk that is overflowing with electronic equipment, paperwork and books. Maybe there is even a collection of extra furniture that doesn’t fit in other rooms.

Hudson Remodeling Home Entertainment Room Hudson Remodeling

Catch-all rooms, like the “before” sample above, are often a great choice when it comes to selecting a place in your home for a new media room. When remodeled effectively, you can bring function to a under used room while creating a space that is ideal for entertainment.

Hudson Remodeling recently completed a project that transformed a room from one that was simply an extra space in the house to one that is now a fresh and modern place where the homeowners can enjoy time together, watch movies and relax by the fireplace (“after” photo below).

Hudson Remodeling Home Entertainment RenovationA variety of elements were used in this room to create a warm, calming feel. They included a glass mosaic tile fireplace surround, custom cabinetry, upgraded wiring, granite counter tops (by Creative Stoneworks), new paint and carpeting.

Custom cabinetry was installed that allows for media and DVD storage, plus shelving for artwork and knick knacks to be displayed. Hudson Remodeling craftsmen designed and built the custom fireplace mantle and installed the mosaic tile around it. We think it looks great!

When planning the remodel of this media room, we carefully considered how natural light could create glare on screens in the room. Reducing the size of the south-facing windows was an easy way to minimize glare and also make room for new cabinetry.

Our clients worked with Aqui Este Tile in Bellingham, WA – they helped with color and material selection. Audio Visual Excellence, a Bellingham company that specializes in installing and maintaining home theater and entertainment systems, installed wiring and AV equipment. Hudson Remodeling removed sheetrock to make their job easier and then replaced it when they were done.

The end result is a classy media room that is inviting and cozy – our clients are thrilled with their upgraded living space.

If you’ve considered remodeling your home to create a home theater or media room, contact Hudson Remodeling. We enjoy working on projects that help homeowners modernize their home and maximize living spaces to their fullest potential.

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Feature Remodeling Project: Cozy Spaces for Northwest Living

Posted 21 November 2011 by Team Hudson

November in the Northwest…its a good time to enjoy cozy and warm indoor living spaces.  That is just what these Hudson Remodeling customers are able to do in their beautifully remodeled living room, library and music nook.

Notice the details including crown molding/painted trim work, fireplace with custom surround, built-in shelving units, french doors, curved archways and more.  These elements give this room real traditional charm.

What traditional home elements would you like to incorporate into your living spaces?  Give Charlie a call to discuss unique ways you can change the look of your home or highlight its existing features.

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