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Bellingham remodel improves flow, function and style

Hudson Remodeling just completed a whole-house Bellingham remodel — kitchen, two bathrooms and a porch — that we’ve been eager to show you.

There was a lot to this project, and the homeowners were thrilled with how it turned out. Let’s dive into the specifics.


In the kitchen, the homeowners wanted better flow, upgraded surfaces and top-notch appliances. Meeting those desires required some demolition work: removing the soffit above the existing cabinets, moving the opening to the pantry area and relocating the plumbing and vents. With the kitchen space reconfigured, Hudson Remodeling’s crews installed new drywall, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash and lighting. We also installed a new tile floor — tight fitting, without grout — and touched up the paint throughout the kitchen where needed.

As you can see, the house has incredible views of Bellingham Bay. To take better advantage of that, the homeowner wanted the sink placed in the peninsula facing the water. Sliding the pantry door to the right allowed Hudson’s crews to extend the adjacent countertop, maximizing that space and improving the flow and design. The removal of the soffits allowed for larger cabinets and a more elongated, graceful approach to the vaulted ceilings.

Main floor bathroom:

The style of the house hadn’t been updated in a while, and that was evident in the main bathroom as well. Here, Hudson installed a new vanity, mirror, lighting, toilet and shower, removing the dated tub/shower combo. New flooring and a new vinyl window rounded out the look.

Lower floor bathroom:

The downstairs bathroom of this Bellingham house had a quirky layout, so Hudson’s task here was to improve flow while also upgrading the fixtures. This involved relocating the shower fixtures and drain, reframing the doorways and closing off the access to the basement laundry. Removing that door allowed for the addition of a small cabinet in that space with a special pullout drawer for hair appliances, dramatically improving the function of this room.

As in the main floor bathroom, Hudson was able to fit a 36×60 tiled shower into this space, giving the room a more open and airy feel without reducing its usefulness.


On the front porch, Hudson widened the entry into a more welcoming approach. Hudson’s crews poured a fresh concrete landing area and installed new steps, decking and powder-coated metal handrails.

Overall, the homeowners were thrilled with the updated layout and style of this Bellingham home remodel. From decades-old orange carpet to chic berber, from dark and cramped spaces to bright and airy, this is a transformation you have to see to believe.

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