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All about windows: 2023 home remodeling trends

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Windows have an incredible capacity to improve the look and feel of our homes here in the Bellingham area.
They can boost our relationships with the outdoors, connecting us with all that is happening in the world around us. Windows also welcome warm, natural sunlight, filling a room with a glow that beats any type of artificial lighting.

Windows are home remodeling design elements, often a first hint to outsiders of the style, fashion and design of what lies within. They also protect us from the cold, wind and rain.

In so many ways, windows can be transformational. If you’re considering upgrading or adding new windows to your home in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden or elsewhere in Whatcom County, below are some elements to consider.


When replacement vinyl windows first were introduced, they became extremely popular, and for good reason. Primarily, it was easy to replace aging wood or aluminum windows with vinyl drop-in windows during a home remodel. They also were energy efficient, easy to operate and durable. However, lately Hudson Remodeling has seen a growing number of customers here in Whatcom County ready to shift away from traditional white vinyl windows. Black has become increasingly common, and other darker colors — browns and tans, mostly, for different interior colors — are popular as well. Many windows can be ordered with interior colors that differ from those on the outside.

One reason for the change in customer sentiment is the desire for windows that better fit the styles of our homes; going back through the decades in which our houses were built, white never really was a common window frame color. Historically, darker window frames were much more prevalent.

Colorful exterior window frames.

Another reason is that black and other darker frames tend to recede into the background when we look through the windows to the nature and cityscape beyond. White stands out, but black becomes almost invisible.

It’s not a good idea to try to paint your vinyl windows, but thankfully manufacturers are now making modern, energy-efficient replacement windows in a variety of colors other than white.


Lingering on the color theme, non-white windows can be an excellent point of style — and even a conversation starter — for those who prefer not to use traditional window dressings such as curtains or drapes. Broad, bold trim surrounding black window casings, for example, can be a terrific way to incorporate style into a remodeled home.


The size of a window often is dictated by its intended function and the design of the home. Whenever possible, Hudson Remodeling recommends larger windows that take advantage of any territorial views. Plus, larger windows allow more natural light to enter a home — and that can reduce power bills and make a significant difference to your mood during the shorter, dimmer days of winter.


Replacement windows can do about everything you can imagine. Double-hung and casement windows are great for increasing airflow. Skylights can add sunlight to otherwise dark spaces. And who doesn’t love a the addition of a patio sliding door — allowing people to transition easily from interior to exterior living areas?

Whatever window styles and functions you need for your home remodel, Hudson Remodeling can develop a renovation plan and install the latest window options. Just give our experienced and recommended home remodeling team a call, and we will talk over your ideas.