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Cabinet styles to consider during a kitchen remodel

The holiday season is a great time to evaluate your kitchen flow and design. Is it working how you’d like it to?

As you’re having friends and family over for brunches, dinners and parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and a host of other end-of-year shindigs, keep an eye on how guests move through and interact with your kitchen. Think, too, about the function of your cooking areas and how easy it is to prepare, serve and clean up after meals.

Finally, consider the look of your cabinets. Do they fit with the interior design of the rest of your house? Is it time for an upgrade?

Here are several of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles to consider, with photos from past Hudson Remodeling projects:

Shaker: Shaker-style cabinets are by far the most common cabinet type today. They are versatile and timeless, and they look at home in just about any home design style. On cabinet doors, the Shaker style typically includes a plain, square frame with an inset panel. Drawers often feature a smaller frame or just a simple slab. Shaker cabinets are often found painted white, but interesting wood grain patterns also are common.

Slab or flat-panel: Excellent for contemporary or modern kitchens, the slab style is just what it sounds like: Drawer fronts and cabinet doors are a single slab, without a frame or inset panel. The resulting look is clean and sleek. Knobs, pulls and other hardware can be used to dress up the look, as desired. Slab cabinets can be painted or wood-grained, with the wood choice often lending a distinctive look to the cabinets.

Inset: Precisely machined to fit perfectly into the cabinets, inset cabinets feature doors and drawers that sit flush with the cabinet fronts, rather than on top. Because of the detail and tiny tolerances involved, inset cabinets can be hard to build and install. Hudson Remodeling has extensive experience with inset cabinets, with great results.

A newly remodeled kitchen with dark wood cabinets, grey marble countertops and classical Craftsman molding throughout..

Traditional: Traditional cabinet styles tend to feature raised panels or beaded insets, adding a bit more flair to a kitchen than simple shaker or slab designs. Traditional-style cabinets are often paired with crown molding and other decorative elements.

Two-tone: A variety of cabinet styles can be used to create the two-tone look. Typically, the darker color is placed on the bottom to help provide weight and ground the cabinets in the space.

Glass-front: Also useful with a variety of overall cabinet and kitchen styles, glass-front cabinets tend to bring extra airiness into a room, putting your dishes on display while keeping them protected from dust. Glass-front or open-front cabinets can be a wonderful way to introduce extra design elements into the kitchen as you display your gorgeous dishes.