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How will you light your new home?

In this series of blog posts on remodeling options, we’ve been looking at the decisions homeowners need to make when hiring Hudson Remodeling to renovate their Whatcom County homes. So far, we’ve looked at the overall Hudson design/build process, bathrooms, kitchens, doors, windows, siding and decking.

As you prepare to discuss and plan your Bellingham, Ferndale or Lynden home remodeling project, these articles might help you understand the decisions you’ll need to make.

This time, we’ll look at lighting and other electrical considerations.

Overhead and wall lighting

Given the short days we experience during Whatcom County winters, lighting decisions can be all the more important. Thankfully, lighting options abound for every style of house, and many are versatile enough to be used in most designs.

Consider recessed lighting, for example. Recessed can lights provide additional light without making much of a design statement, so they can be used as the main lighting in the room or as a supplement to more visible chandeliers or flush-mount options.

Plus, LED technology has enabled the insertion of simple “canless” lighting discs into the ceiling, an easier option than traditional can lighting, which requires extensive mounting hardware.

Other options for overhead lighting include:

  • chandeliers — for making a grand statement in the entryway or providing intimate lighting over the dining room table, among many other uses.
  • pendants — perfect for hanging over kitchen bars, islands and peninsulas.
  • semi-flush-mount and flush-mount light fixtures for hallways and bedrooms. Many of these fixtures come with integrated LED lights, so there are no bulbs to replace.
  • track lighting — the main draw here is that the individual light fixtures along the track can be pointed in any direction, so one fixture provides dedicated lighting for many uses.
  • wall sconces — these wall-mounted lights are returning into fashion, as they provide versatile lighting for specific purposes, such as illuminating dark hallways or highlighting wall art.

Task lighting

Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen or bathroom are helpful for providing sufficient light for specific tasks, such as reading cookbooks or chopping vegetables. Overhead lighting often is blocked by cabinets or your own body, so concealed strips of light under the cabinets can make a huge difference.

Bathroom vanity lights also are important, especially for detailed tasks like applying makeup or shaving.


While lighting styles draw most of the attention, you’ll also want to think about what types of switches you want. Some considerations:

  • Do you want any light switches to control wall outlets for table or stand lamps?
  • Would you like three-way or four-way switches that can be used to control lights from various parts of a room?
  • What types of switches would you like? In addition to standard toggle switches, popular options are rockers and pushbuttons.
  • Would you like any switches to be controlled via wifi, so you can turn lights on and off while away from home or set porch lights to come on at dusk?
  • What color scheme would you like for your switches? White, almond and cream are standard, but other options are available, too, including stainless steel and brass.
  • Would you like floor or ceiling outlets anywhere?

As always, please feel free to contact Hudson Remodeling if you have questions about any of these options. We remodel homes in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County.