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Perfect outdoor space for year-round living

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the summers are incredible — three months of colorful blossoms amid tall evergreens and leafy oaks and maples, all under the constant shine of the golden sun.

Parts of spring and fall also contain excellent weather for spending time outdoors. But what do we do with the other 200 days? The Whatcom County beauty remains, but the constant drizzle and muddy grass make it difficult to enjoy nature as much as we might like.

To extend your living space to the beautiful outdoors, here are several good options that work well in Cascadia weather — not only in summer, but throughout much of the rest of the year.

Deck. Whether it’s just off the ground or jutting from a second story, a deck keeps you in the fresh air but out of the muck that springs from the rainfall around here. Good all-weather seating and a small dining table — with an outdoor grill creating delicious smells in the background — are just the ticket for extending the summer well into fall (or getting an early start on barbecue season). Hudson Remodeling installs decks made of most materials, including wood and composite Trex decking. Need inspiration? Family Handyman has a tantalizing collection of deck ideas — including one with a pergola.

Pergola. They go well with decks, but pergolas and patios are truly made for each other. A concrete, brick or flagstone patio under a graceful wood pergola is a delightful marriage of style and function. Cover the pergola with a roof or drape the structure with wisteria or grape vines for protection from sun and rain alike.

Permanent awning. Not only do awnings come in all shapes and sizes, but they come in a multiplicity of materials, too. From glass roofs to metal corrugated panels to traditional acrylic fabric, awnings can be tailored to any house style. Awnings are less durable than a full porch roof, but they are quicker and easier to install and typically less expensive, too.

Sunroom. For truly year-round living, a sunroom offers protection from the elements — cold, rain, wind, snow and mosquitos — while bringing in plenty of what you love the most: sunshine. Sunrooms can be as simple as a closed-in porch or as robust as a complete add-on to your home.

Here at Hudson Remodeling, our design-build team can walk you through all aspects of the construction process. Whether you have a complete project in mind or just a desire to be outside more often, give us a call! We would love to help.

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