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Trim upgrades to update your home’s look and feel

Looking for a way to change the entire vibe of your home? Trim upgrades are a great way to do that. 

Whatcom County is home to a plethora of construction and decorating styles. As these styles have changed through the years — including Victorian, Craftsman, Minimalist, Modern Farmhouse, Vintage Industrial, New Traditional and many other styles — trim styles, naturally, have changed as well. 

There’s a way to take advantage of that to upgrade your home: Use trim from a different style to forge a completely new look. 

While it might be hard to transform the structure of your 1950s ranch home into a classic Victorian, there are ways to emulate the look of a different style through trim. In this 1959 ranch, for example, the homeowners added a picture rail in one bedroom to lend the space a more classic, traditional look (while adding a great deal of functionality in the process). 

No matter the style of home you are looking to emulate, there are trim options to match. 

A stroll through the website of Metrie, one of the suppliers from which Hudson Remodeling sources a great deal of trim, reveals a few of the options available. Here are several ways to use trim updates to improve the look of your household spaces: 

Install a trim package to improve cohesion: Take a look at the company’s vintage industrial collection, for example. Included within the style are crown molding, decorative baseboard and a complicated architrave, or door lintel, molding. If your home was built without door and window trim or with simple, builder-grade trim, upgrading to a cohesive set of trim elements — and even new matching doors — could dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. 

Not sure which interior style best matches your personality? Take this quiz and find out. 

Install wainscoting, board and batten or chair rail: These three distinct trim options offer ways to dress up a wall and provide visual interest to the space. Chair rail, used to protect walls from damage caused by chairs scraping against walls, provides the opportunity to use multiple colors in a room: one wall color below the rail and a different one above. Board and batten and wainscoting are methods of covering the lower portion of the wall in a more complete wooden trim, and both lend an air of classical elegance appropriate in many home styles, from traditional to modern farmhouse. 

Update your doors: Does your home have low-quality, plain, hollow-core doors? Update to higher-quality patterned doors or, even better, solid wood doors for a more high-scale look. Just like trim, doors can be matched to any style — and new trim and doors can be combined for even greater effect. 

“Installing new doors — especially ones made to match the cabinets or trim features of your home — can improve the look and feel of a room.” 

Hudson Remodeling excels at improving homes throughout Whatcom County, from Bellingham to Blaine and east to Everson, Deming and beyond. If upgraded trim, new doors or other interior remodeling might benefit your home, just give us a call.