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Your kitchen, your way with customized cabinets

What’s the difference between an off-the-shelf kitchen and a kitchen remodel that fits the way you cook, dine and entertain? Customized cabinets!

Here are five simple ways you can customize cabinets during a kitchen remodel to increase storage, reduce countertop clutter and create efficient food prep zones.

Pull-out pan rack: Are your cooking pans usually stacked in an unsightly pile in one of your under-counter cabinets? This pull-out pan rack, hidden behind a cabinet door, allows you to hang pans in an orderly fashion. Hudson Remodeling recently installed this pan storage cabinet in a custom kitchen remodel in Bellingham. It makes pan selection and storage a breeze.

Custom display shelving: Some Hudson clients had previously stored special glassware pieces on top of their cabinets. As you can imagine, the pieces tended to become dusty over time. However, when the homeowners remodeled their kitchen, they really wanted their cabinets to extend to the ceiling and to protect the dishes from dust. To accommodate their glassware storage vision, Hudson Remodeling included glass-front cabinet doors in various places in the design of the remodeled kitchen, including above the traditional-style cabinets and in the kitchen island.

Hidden utensil caddy: Here’s a clever storage insert that keeps counter clutter to a minimum while also providing easy access to kitchen cooking tools.

Under-cabinet power and lighting: One kitchen near Bellingham remodeling job featured a nearly seamless backsplash of granite that the homeowner didn’t want cluttered by power outlets. The solution was to use under-cabinet power strips to supply the electrical needs (and meet the building code) without marring the look of the backsplash. A custom channel also was routed into the bottom of the cabinets to accept an LED lighting strip. Hudson’s remodeling pros love brainstorming ideas and finding solutions that meet the needs of the homeowner.

Hideaway pantry: You don’t need a separate closet off the kitchen to get a pantry that provides ample food storage. This recessed pantry Hudson Remodeling installed for a remodeling client offers scads of dry food storage right next to the refrigerator. The deep pull-out drawers make it easy to access everything inside.

Of course, there are many more ways to customize cabinets in a kitchen. To get the most out of your kitchen remodeling project, be sure to select a remodeling contractor who listens to your vision, who thinks creatively, who has a solid understanding of cabinet construction and upgrade options and who has years of experience designing and building customized kitchen spaces.

Do you dream of a custom kitchen in the new year? Contact Hudson Remodeling, and let’s talk about your vision!