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Planning to remodel your home? Here are some pro tips

Even if you love your home, there always seems to be room for improvement, and sometimes that improvement involves a major remodel. Remodeling your home can be exciting when you’re dreaming of living in an updated space. At the same time, planning to remodel your home can feel overwhelming.

That’s where Hudson Remodeling comes in. Whatever your goals are for the remodel, preparation is key to reducing the stress of a home renovation. Whether you live in Bellingham, Lynden, Ferndale, Sumas or another small town in Whatcom County, our residential remodeling pros can walk you through the steps listed below and more. Doing so will help keep your vision, your budget and your project timeline on track.

Here are some of the steps a licensed, experienced general contractor like Hudson Remodeling will help you manage during the pre-construction phase:

Research and plan. Gather inspiration from design magazines, websites or social media. Create a detailed plan, including sketches or blueprints, to communicate your vision to contractors and designers.


Consider long-term value. Choose renovations that not only enhance your current lifestyle but also add long-term value to your home. Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, are often key areas for potential resale value.

Quality over quantity. Invest in high-quality materials and craftsmanship, even if it means spending a bit more. Quality improvements tend to last longer and provide better returns on investment.

Hire reliable professionals. Research and hire experienced contractors, architects and designers. Check references, read reviews and ensure they have the necessary licenses and insurance.

Set a realistic budget. Choose products and determine how much the entire project (materials, labor, permits) will cost, including a buffer for unexpected expenses.

Prioritize needs vs. wants. Identify essential improvements versus desirable upgrades. Focus on addressing structural issues, safety concerns or functionality before aesthetic enhancements.

Obtain necessary permits. Check with local authorities to determine which permits are required for your remodel. Compile data and submit necessary permits.

Flexible timeline. Set a realistic project timeline, but also understand that unexpected delays and issues can arise during a residential remodel. Prepare to be flexible with your timeline and plan for contingencies.

Communication is key. Maintain open and clear communication with all members of the design/build team, including subcontractors. Regular updates and discussions will help ensure that everyone is on the same page, minimizing misunderstandings.

Test samples before committing. Before finalizing paint colors, materials or finishes, obtain samples and test them in the actual space. Lighting and other factors can influence how they appear in your home.

Every home remodel is unique, and these tips can be adjusted based on your specific needs and preferences. To chat with a home remodeling pro at Hudson Remodeling, give us a call at 360-354-7006 or email us at